Your task is to research a company that has adopted

Your task is to research a company that has adopted Salesforce, the most popular CRM cloud-based tool. Go to Salesforce Customer Success Stories (Links to an external site.) ( and scroll to the “Filter Stories”. Click on A to Z and search for a company in an industry that you are interested in and read about it.

In your posting, state the company you chose in the first line. Then answer these questions:

  1. Tell us about the experience this Company had in implementing CRM technology. Please use your own words. Don’t cut and paste. What drove the Company to make a change?
  2. What specific sales, marketing and/or service processes were improved as a result of implementing Salesforce? Remember that technology is an enabler of a process.
  3. How was the Company’s performance impacted as a result of implementing CRM? What were the tangible benefits of the company’s return for their investment in CRM (ROI)? Sales increases? Cost reductions? What?
  4. Discuss three (3) concepts that you found on the Salesforce website and/or about the Company you chose, related to Modules 7 and 8. State the term/concept, explain your understanding of it, and how it was used.
  5. What did you learn that was new to you?
  6. What questions do you have about Modules 7 and 8 that were not clear or not mentioned?

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