You will write a paper that contains a minimum of 4 pages but no longer than 6 pages for this course as its portfolio project. Your paper will address a topic of global nursing shortage, the topic ass Nursing Assignment Help

You will write a paper that contains a minimum of 4 pages but no longer than 6 pages for this course as its portfolio project. Your paper will address a topic of global nursing shortage, the topic associated with global health and health disparities.

Nursing shortage in the United Stated is a problem that we all have been aware of for the longest time. This problem is notisolated only in our country; it is a global phenomenon. As someof you may have heard, there are nursing agencies who bring in international nurses to the U.S. to alleviate the severity of nursing shortage. One may ask if it is ethically justifiable to doso, especially when those foreign nurses are from the developing countries. From the same token, is it ethical for the nurses to come to the U.S. or to some other developed countries, leaving their own countries in a worse public health and a more severe nursing shortage? The answer to this question may vary, depending on whom you ask. What about from the legal standpoints? Does hiring international nurses to come work inthe U.S. pose any legal issues/concerns to us, the nursesthemselves, and/or the nurses’ home countries?

This portfolio project gives you an opportunity to freely explore/learn of the issue from a global perspective. Sourcesinclude published literature from peer-reviewed journals obtainedfrom the BSN library databases and acceptable internet sources (refer to the acceptable resources for writing assignments posted in the course).

In your paper, you will:

additional information in the attached file. 

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The global nursing shortage is a pressing issue that affects healthcare systems across the world. This paper aims to explore the ethical and legal considerations associated with recruiting international nurses to address the nursing shortage in countries like the United States.

From an ethical standpoint, the question arises as to whether it is justifiable to bring in foreign nurses from developing countries to alleviate the nursing shortage in developed countries. On one hand, it can be argued that it provides opportunities for these nurses to gain better wages, working conditions, and professional development. Additionally, it may contribute to the transfer of skills and knowledge between countries, fostering global healthcare collaboration. However, on the other hand, it raises concerns about exacerbating the nursing shortage and public health challenges in the nurses’ home countries, where their skills and presence may be sorely needed.

Examining the issue from a legal perspective, the recruitment of international nurses may give rise to certain legal issues and concerns. This includes ensuring compliance with immigration laws, licensing requirements, and labor regulations in both the host country and the nurses’ home countries. It is crucial to address the potential exploitation of these nurses, guarding against unfair labor practices, and safeguarding their rights as workers.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the global nursing shortage issue, it is essential to consult reputable sources. Peer-reviewed journals, obtained from the BSN library databases, provide a credible basis for research and analysis. Additionally, acceptable internet sources, as outlined in the course guidelines, can supplement the literature review.

In conclusion, the global nursing shortage necessitates exploring the ethical and legal dimensions of recruiting international nurses to address the crisis. This paper will delve into the various perspectives and considerations associated with this practice, shedding light on its implications for nurses, healthcare systems, and the global community as a whole.

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