Writing Objectives

You have just taken a job with the Greenbrier Regional Medical Center. On review of the Medicare Compare Data you want to make sure that the facility is meeting the mission and providing care that meets the national and/or state standard.

As a manager whose responsibility is to plan, control, and direct (AKA influence) the functioning of the facility. You  go to the report generated by the government site call Medicare Compare and review the ratings. You find three areas in which you identify the facility needs to improve.  You develop the following Goal:

  • Address performance failures in the areas of Quality specifically for the Long Term Stay Quality Measures

Now you next task is to:

  • Identify three specific Long Term Stay Quality Measures in which the facility has failed to meet the National or State standard.
    • Go to the website for Medicare Compare: Find Healthcare Providers: Compare Care Near You | Medicare
    • Using the following information, locate the ratings/percentages for the Long Term Stay Quality Measures for this facility (Just like you did in the Analysis/Critical Thinking Assignment)
      • Greenbrier Regional Medical Center

1017 George Washington Highway North

Chesapeake, VA 23323

  • Prepare one correctly formatted objective, for each of the measures identified above, that provides you and your staff with a means to assess the current performance in that area.  

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Writing Objectives

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As a manager at Greenbrier Regional Medical Center, it is essential to ensure that the facility is meeting the national and/or state standards of care. By reviewing the Medicare Compare Data, I have identified three specific areas of improvement in the Long Term Stay Quality Measures. In order to address these performance failures, it is crucial to develop objectives that will allow us to assess the current performance in each of these areas.

Objective 1: Improve the percentage of residents who experience moderate to severe pain
– Currently, the facility’s rating for this measure is below the national/state standard.
– Implement a pain management protocol to ensure proper assessment and timely intervention for residents experiencing pain.
– Conduct regular evaluations of the effectiveness of pain management interventions.
– Improve communication between healthcare providers and residents to address individual needs related to pain management.
– Provide education and training for staff on effective pain management techniques.

Objective 2: Increase the percentage of residents who have depressive symptoms
– The facility’s rating for this measure does not meet the national/state standard.
– Develop a comprehensive screening process to identify residents at risk of depressive symptoms.
– Collaborate with mental health professionals to establish appropriate interventions and treatment plans for residents with depressive symptoms.
– Implement support programs and activities that promote mental well-being and engagement for residents.
– Provide staff training on how to recognize and respond to signs of depressive symptoms in residents.

Objective 3: Enhance the percentage of residents who are physically restrained
– The facility’s rating for this measure falls below the national/state standard.
– Conduct a thorough review of the current restraint policies and practices.
– Implement alternative strategies and interventions to reduce the use of physical restraints.
– Provide staff education on person-centered approaches and non-pharmacological interventions for behavior management.
– Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented strategies regularly.

By setting these objectives, we will be able to assess the current performance in each of these areas and work towards improving the Long Term Stay Quality Measures at Greenbrier Regional Medical Center.

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