work 1 Greenwashing ( Here is a link to the entry for “Greenwahing” on a wiki created and maintained by In your crit Nursing Assignment Help

work 1

Greenwashing (

Here is a link to the entry for “Greenwahing” on a wiki created and maintained by

In your critique, please answer all 3 of the following (in addition to providing your opinion about the materials):

1) What is greenwashing?

2) Who is

3) What is one company that has used greenwashing, and what did they do towards that effort?

work 2

Mohonk Preserve volunteer info

Review the latest “Volunteer Voice” newsletter and the “Opportunities” through the following link to learn more about volunteering at Mohonk Preserve in New Paltz:

Mohonk Preserve : How To Help : Volunteer : Opportunities

If you pick this option to write a critique, please summarize and give your opinions to the information above, AND include whether you know someone who volunteers at MP and what they do AND/OR whether you think you or someone you know might enjoy volunteering with them. Please only refer in general to who that person is rather than giving their actual name. 

How to Solve work 1 Greenwashing ( Here is a link to the entry for “Greenwahing” on a wiki created and maintained by In your crit Nursing Assignment Help

As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, I have been asked to provide critiques for two different topics: greenwashing and Mohonk Preserve volunteer information. In this answer, I will first address the concept of greenwashing, followed by an explanation of Lastly, I will provide an example of a company that has engaged in greenwashing and describe their actions.

1) What is greenwashing?
Greenwashing refers to the practice of companies presenting a false or exaggerated image of environmental responsibility. It involves promoting products, services, or initiatives as environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical, when in reality, they may have little to no positive impact on the environment. This tactic is used to deceive consumers and create a positive reputation for the company, thereby boosting sales and public support. Greenwashing undermines genuine efforts to promote sustainability and protect the environment by misleading consumers and obscuring the truth.

2) Who is is a wiki-based website that serves as a resource for investigative research and critical analysis of corporations, public relations firms, and individuals who engage in misleading or harmful practices. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations to contribute information and expose deceptive activities, particularly in the areas of public relations, lobbying, and corporate social responsibility. aims to promote transparency, accountability, and the dissemination of accurate information to empower citizens and consumers.

3) Example of a company engaging in greenwashing:
One company that has been criticized for greenwashing is Volkswagen (VW). In an attempt to market their diesel vehicles as environmentally friendly, VW installed software in their vehicles designed to cheat emission tests. This fraudulent tactic allowed their cars to appear cleaner and emit fewer pollutants during official testing than they did in real-world conditions. By doing so, VW misled consumers about the true environmental impact of their diesel cars, leading to a significant scandal in 2015. This incident revealed the extent to which VW had deceived both customers and regulatory agencies, damaging the company’s credibility and resulting in legal and financial consequences.

In conclusion, greenwashing is the misleading practice of presenting a false or exaggerated environmentally friendly image by companies. is a wiki-based website that provides a platform for investigating and exposing deceptive practices. Volkswagen is an example of a company that engaged in greenwashing by manipulating emission test results to falsely market their diesel vehicles as clean. Through such examples, it becomes evident that greenwashing undermines the trust of consumers and the importance of accurate and transparent information in promoting genuine environmental sustainability.

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