What was the history of Gucci? How did it change over time?

Case Write Up Instructions


Be sure to put your name on the assignment.  You do not need a cover page.  All case write-ups are due at the beginning of the assigned class session.  Late cases will not be accepted.  Students should feel free to collaborate and consult with other students, however, the write-ups must be individual work.


Follow this format for the case analysis:


Begin by stating the problem(s) in the case.  Define the problem and the critical decisions that must be made and cite relevant facts to support your problem definition.  Do not just summarize the case facts. 


You can use the given questions as a starting point or identify different issues.

1.   What was the history of Gucci?  How did it change over time?

2.   What was Gucci’s strategy?  How did it relate to its competitors?



Analyze the problem(s) that you have identified.  Why do you think it/they are such an important issue for the firm/industry?


Clearly state your recommendations for dealing with the problem for the firm/individual; be sure to explain the reasoning behind your advice.


Tips for doing the case write-ups:


  • You can think about problems on multiple dimensions for each firm.  For example, they might have human resource problems, financial problems, expansion problems.  These issues may all be related or separate, so think about them and how they are integrated (or not) with the firm’s strategy.  Remember, the overall strategy might also be the problem.


  • Don’t forget the numbers.  They are usually put into the case for a reason.


  • Since this is a strategic management course, be sure to focus on the strategy issues.


  • Don’t be superficial in your analysis.

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