Use resources from the required readings to create a 10-15


Use resources from the required readings to create a 10-15 slide digital presentation to be shown to your colleagues informing them of specific cultural norms and sociocultural influences affecting student learning at your school.

Choose a culture to research. State the country or countries of origin of your chosen culture and your reason for selecting it. Include sociocultural influences on learning such as:



Cultural Norms



Gender Differences

Home Discipline


Native Language

Include presenter’s notes, a title slide, in-text citations, and a reference slide that contains three to five sources from the required readings 


Adams, Margaret, and Kellie M. Jones. “Unmasking the myths of structured English immersion: Why we still need bilingual educators, native-language instruction, and incorporation of home culture.” The Radical Teacher (2006)

“Enhancing Cross-Cultural Competence in Multicultural Teacher Education: Transformation in Global Learning,” by Seeberg and Minick, from International Journal of Multicultural Education (2012).

“How I Use Multicultural Education to Impact Student Learning and Develop Critical Thinking Skills,” by Moreno, from Multicultural Perspectives (2015).

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