Use Exhibit 13-3’s Sample Financial Worksheet to determine assets and

Use Exhibit 13-3’s Sample Financial Worksheet to determine assets and liabilities on pp. 319-324 of the textbook.  Complete the worksheet as thoroughly as possible, including mathematical accuracy and neatness.  Indicate “N/A” in lines where such is not applicable to your financial situation.  You may guesstimate, or even fabricate, some of your information to include additional assets or liabilities, though it is best to have figures close to your actual situation.  Do NOT include actual account numbers for financial institutions or credit cards!

In addition to a completed worksheet, submit a 2-page paper about what you learned from the experience (i.e., was this exercise helpful in preparing you for family law practice or other potential areas of law—how so or not?).  You may either photocopy the pages and complete with legible handwritten answers, or type up in a separate document.  

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