Two software are dropbox and slack Part 2 User test

  Two software are dropbox and slack

Part 2

User test the final two options. User test your two options to determine the best software for your team’s management needs. Use the scenarios provided to assess the options.

Planning the project and creating a schedule

Schedule a meeting at Starbucks for the group to take place 10/30/2018 @2 P.M., and upload the project rubric below for review before the meeting.

Project Management Software Report Rubric (see the rubric attached to the assignment description)

Managing changes

You found a typo in the heading of the rubric that was uploaded. Correct the error, and upload/save the corrected document.

Communicating project information

Message the group to remind everyone to review the rubric in preparation for the meeting and understand what is required to do well on the assignment.


main assignment below

the following will be taken as a completion grade:

  • Conduct software testing using the scenarios from the assignment details.
    • Each team member must conduct software testing on each of your chosen team software programs.
  • Submit an informal document showing the notes/results of the software testing your group conducted.


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