TOPIC: The Effects of COVID-19 & Telework on Employee Motivation Technical

TOPIC: The Effects of COVID-19 & Telework on Employee Motivation

Technical Requirements:

Length: 35-40 pages

Font: Times New Roman 12

Line Spacing: 1.5

Margins: Left of 3.5 cm; right of 2.5 cm

THESIS STATEMENT: Employees are less motivated overall due to the effects of COVID-19 and telework.

1. Abstract (250 words) – Provides the content of dissertation and conclusions of research, contains a list of keywords (no more than 10)

2. Table of Contents

3. Literature Review – Background reading, going from broad to narrow – theories and models related to topic (broad) to articles related to my specific topic (narrow). Identify research gap (if any) how my topic fits into current research.

4. Methodology – Research questions, surveys, interviews; Thesis statement (expound on what I expect to find); Methods ( explain quantitative and qualitative methods used); Sample (representative of population); Discuss any ethical issues

5. Research Results – Present research, describe and summarize views, add secondary data (i.e. how many companies have moved online in the last 6 months, what industries, etc.) 

6. Data Analysis  – What are the findings? How do they connect to the theory/hypothesis?

7. Conclusion – Summarize, share own opinion, make recommendations

8. Bibliography

9. List of tables, diagrams, charts

10. Annexes


1- COVID-19 related publications and articles

2- Employee Engagement Practices during COVID

3- Supporting Telework Employees – COVID

4- Teleworking During COVID-19

5- Why Diversity Matters in Handling Crisis…

6- Survey Results

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