The paragraph below contains a variety of mechanical and grammatical

The paragraph below contains a variety of mechanical and grammatical errors, so your task is to revise the paragraph considering grammar, mechanics, and style. You might want to look for fragments, comma errors, capitalization errors, and run-on sentences. Use the skills in the Grammar Exercises to help guide and inform your revisions. 

Revise the paragraph below:

A giant hairy animal. Has caught the fascination of many people, including normally skeptical citizens and scientists. They are all interested in the phenomenon of Sasquatch. Also commonly called Big Foot. Sasquatch comes from the Salish word saskehavas the North American Sasquatch has a counterpart the Himalayan Yeti. Both have been studied by cryptozoologists who research undiscovered animals. In our country most sightings of Sasquatch occur in the Pacific Northwest, these sightings range from northern California to central Alaska. Although this is the norm reports have come from almost every state. States such as North Carolina Maine and Tennessee have reported sightings. Sightings have even been reported in florida. During the settlement of the united states, stories of hairy ape-men were told by Native Americans. 

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