The option includes with focus on library and/or internet research,

The option includes with focus on library and/or internet research, by incorporating your own independent/creative thinking on one of the two topics listed below:

  1. Role and importance of non-verbal communication in intercultural communication. Explain what constitutes non-verbal communication by detailing, among others, each of the following aspects – kinesics, proxemics, chronemics, haptics, physical appearance, vocalics, gender & sexual identity, etc. — with day-to-day examples of your own.


  1. Intercultural communication in Business and Professional contexts. Why intercultural competence is important in business and professional environment, including in the areas of health and medicine, and education? Discuss globalization and the need for intercultural competence; ways to foster diversity in workplace, and why – its pros and cons. Discuss these aspects and others with examples – try to be as creative as possible.

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