Task 4 Explain how the temperament of a child might


Task 4

Explain how the temperament of a child might impact the attachment formed with a caregiver. Specifically, think about how might the parent-child attachment formed differ for a child who is easy going compared to a child who is fussy? 

Explain how the temperament of a child may impact their ability to achieve the first “crisis” (i.e., trust vs. mistrust) of Erickson’s Psychosocial Developmental Model.

Explain your answers in depth.

Lession 4

1. Identify the physical changes that take place from infancy to toddler hood.

2. Briefly discuss the recommended diet for newborns and the importance of this diet for their growth. 

3. What are some barriers that might prevent a newborn from receiving this diet? 

4. What are three theories that explain language development and which one do you agree with? 

5. Explain the importance of the caregiver-child relationship for child development. Identify and describe the four types of attachment. 

6. What factors contribute to the style of attachment formed in childhood?

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