Reminder: Your original comment = no less than 350 words.

Reminder: Your original comment = no less than 350 words

These are historical realities that still echo today in many ways two decades into the 21st century. I don’t even have to think too hard to create a list of issues and concerns facing us in the United States today: being a walking target to Anti-Asian racism, fearing transphobic violence against trans women of color, driving-walking-breathing while Black, looking Latinx, or speaking Spanish in a store, wearing (or not wearing) a mask during a pandemic that has killed over 600,000 Americans so far, wearing a turban-like a Sikh, being the target of mass murder while worshiping in a mosque or a temple or a church, the 100-year commemoration of the massacre in Tulsa — you know what I mean.

THE QUESTION: In this week’s discussion, I’m asking you to write about what is on your mind about the current social climate in the United States. Do any of these areas that I listed affect you personally? How are you handling — what are you thinking about — current issues of diversity and difference?

Make sure to not just generalize. Be specific and thoughtful in your post. There is no right answer; there is no wrong answer. But, there is one requirement: be respectful and open to the ideas of others. Communicate respectfully.

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