Read two articles and write the answer to the questions

Read two articles and write the answer to the questions below (around 700 words in 24 hours):

1) Establishes the importance of the research problem (e.g., it costs us money, impacts society, influences health/well-being) – based on the rationale

2) Discusses what researchers already know about the topic and which areas need more investigation – likely from the introduction/literature review section of the study 



Many people have pointed out that academic research tends to stay stuck within academic journal articles where it may be read by a small set of academics. It is rate than an article is translated into something that can be understood and used by the general public. There is a need to communicate about this work in a user-friendly way so that it can have greater reach.

Communication and marketing researchers that use the scientific method to better understand their field have the same problems, and some of the academic organizations in the discipline have offices to help translate research for the general public. The National Communication Association (NCA) publishes many communication research journals and holds many academic conferences in the field, and they have Communication Currents as an outlet for this work of translating the work of its members to the outside world. Communication Currents is a written interpretation of a research article that is meant to be brief, only recapping the highlights of a longer published study. You’re asked to achieve a similar goal with this presentation.

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