Read the following assessment article. Choose one article (see below)

Read the following assessment article.  Choose one article (see below) to read and complete a summary reflection. In your own words explain what you have learned from the article. Tell how the article will help guide your instruction in the future?  Has the article left you with any questions? Please cite the article source in APA format.  (The article must be one-page in length using Times New Roman , 12 font, and double spaced.)

For APA citation style guide please click the link below:

Articles on Student Assessment

  1. Bundock, K., O’Keeffe, B.V., Stokes, K., & Kladis, K. (2018). Strategies for minimizing variability in progress monitoring or oral reading fluency. Teaching Exceptional Children, 50(5), 273-281.Strategies for Minimizing Variability.pdf
  2. Lindstrom, E. R., Gesel, S.A., & Lemons, C.J. (2019). Data-based individualization in reading: Tips for successful implementation. Intervention in School and Clinic, 55(2), 113-119.Data-based Individualization in reading.pdf
  3. Powell, S. R. & Stecker, P.M. (2014). Using data-based individualization to intensify mathematics intervention for students with disabilities. Teaching Exceptional Children, 46(4), 31-37. Using Data-based Individualization to Intensify Mathematics.pdf
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