read and synthesize (not summarize) the NYTs piece that is

  • read and synthesize (not summarize) the NYTs piece that is assigned to your group. Write a 1 -2 paragraph response synthesizing what you read, connecting it to the books we are reading as a class, what risks and preventive measures came to mind, and what other thoughts or feelings this piece provoked in you.
  • create critical questions, arguments, and comments to present to your classmates . You will need to submit your  questions, arguments, and comments in addition to your individual synthesis. I recommend sharing a google doc where you all takes notes and/or plan out your class discussion/presentation. I also recommend setting an agreed upon date by which everyone in your group should have read the piece so that when you begin to build your shared document everyone can contribute. You can meet virtually to complete this assignment if your group finds that it will be beneficial and of course if there is a time that you can all meet.



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