Puerto Rico Before And After Hurricane Maria SKILLS EMPHASIZED: Auditory Discrimination

Puerto Rico Before And After Hurricane Maria

SKILLS EMPHASIZED: Auditory Discrimination and Visual Discrimination

This site visit presents images of Puerto Rico before and after the passage of hurricane Maria in 2017. A large portion of the content is presented in Spanish but even if you do not understand the language you should be able to capture the message thru your auditory and visual skills.

You will find the videos on youtube.com. Make sure that you look for the video that has the name, date, and time just as I have indicated. They have a lot of other videos with similar names. To get the full effect you are to watch the videos in the order I have written.

After watching the videos you are to write a log which you are to hand in to your facilitator.


1. ESPECIAL BANCO POPULAR. Streamed on December 1, 2019 (time, 53:42).

2. Tony Croatto – Temporal. August 25, 2011, (3:42)

3. San Francisco MEDFLIX Se Levanta Junto a Puerto Rico, November 6, 2017 (5:21).


We first experience the world thru our senses. The senses help us to survive and they contribute to our quality of life. The need to develop perceptual abilities stems from the pressures that are placed on individuals by a complex society. A modern society like ours develops at a fast pace. The active participation of individuals with all of our senses is an imperative of our times. As you develop these abilities, you can grasp your surroundings and perceive yourself as well as your environment with self- assurance and determination.

Sensation and perception are a foundation for learning, thinking and acting. In order to get to know and understand a country and its people; we need to experience its music, movements, artifacts, foods, artistic productions and history.

This field analysis experience is intended to provide you with knowledge and awareness of the migratory experience of the Puerto Rican people during a particular period in time in contrast to the current conditions being faced by the Puerto Rican people as a result of the devastating impact of hurricane Maria on the island. The focus of this presentation is years following the post-World War II migration of Puerto Ricans to New York City and other areas of the United States. The main objective is to have you utilize your senses (primarily the visual and auditory senses) to acquire knowledge of the history and migratory experience of the Puerto Rican people and the post Maria situation.


The primary objective of the Perceptual Development course is to develop awareness of the use of perceptual skills within a prescribed setting. During this visit the senses you will be primarily using are the visual and auditory. You are to engage in the following activities.

1. After reviewing the guidelines you will watch the video and listen to the music which tell the story of the Puerto Rican Post – World War II Great Migration as well as the conditions Puerto Ricans face after hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017.

2. Consider the effect the sounds and light have on your perceptual experience as we watch each video. Take special note of the use of color to create a specific effect or give a message.

3. Observe the people in the videos. What are they doing?

4. You are to write a log which describes your experience during the visit and includes knowledge acquired from the assigned readings.

NOTE: If you do not speak Spanish you will have to rely on your perceptual and auditory skills more than others. This is a good thing because language will not be getting in the way of your perceptual experience. You can find the videos on youtube.com if you which to review a particular part. (you may look up the lyrics of the songs, including translations)


1. The student will focus on the experience of using his/her perceptual skills within

a structured environment.

2. The student will gain awareness of how color, light and sound are used to enhance comprehension and awareness of a particular place, event and actions.

3. The student will interpret clues received through the senses.

4. The student will further develop the ability to observe and record significant information acquired through the senses.

5. The student will formulate concepts and conclusions as a result or the sensory experience.

6. The student will become further aware of how experiential learning can enhance cognitive and affective learning.

7. The student will acquire knowledge and appreciation of culture, migratory experience, social actions and effects of hurricane Maria.

(In your site visit log you should take into consideration each one of the above mentioned objectives.)

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