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Re:Topic 5 DQ 1The earth quake in Haiti was a severe tragic event. Earthquakes are a natural disaster that has no warning. One never knows when it will occur. A plan that can help is one of anticipation, preparation, and aftercare. The Red Cross has a disaster plan that is recognized worldwide. The Red Cross is a great organization to work with the assist with implementing all levels of disaster plans.

A primary prevention plan would be to anticipate that an earthquake can happen again. Setting up facilities for people to go to when an earthquake occurs is an example of anticipating another severe earthquake. Another way would be to have new buildings built with material that will sustain a large earthquake. Older buildings will need to be reinforced to help sustain another sever earthquake. Doorways are not any stronger than other parts of the buildings, but practicing the plan to get low and under a sturdy piece of furniture will anticipate that an earthquake can occur again (The American National Red Cross, 2017). A nurse in the area could educate the people of the community of the need to anticipate that an earthquake can occur again.

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The earthquake in Haiti was a devastating event, highlighting the unpredictable nature of natural disasters. To effectively prepare and respond to such events, a plan of anticipation, preparation, and aftercare is crucial. The Red Cross, as a globally recognized organization, has a well-established disaster plan that can assist in implementing all levels of disaster management. Anticipating future earthquakes involves setting up safe facilities for people during emergencies and constructing buildings with materials that can withstand such tremors. Reinforcing older buildings and educating communities about earthquake preparedness are additional measures to be taken.

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