Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below


Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below classmate discussion post:

 The ethical decisions I make today will have an impact in my personal life and work life for a long time.  At home I have kids that look up to my wife and me and try to emulate us.  If my kids were to see me make unethical decisions today, they would feel it would be okay for them to do them in the future.  I need to make sure to set the right example and teach good values at home so my kids can grow up with high ethical standards.  At work I need to set the example as well for the younger officers.  By setting the example, officers can see and learn how to act in order for them to be future leaders of the department.  I also need to make sure they are abiding by the laws and departmental policies so the do not get in trouble.  By turning a blind eye to unethical behavior, I would be legitimizing the officer’s actions while allowing them to go down the slippery slope.  If an officer continues down this path they can eventually be forced into a situation where an unethical decision could ruin his career and possible cost the department and city a lot of money. 

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