Part of your discussion post needs to be in video

Part of your discussion post needs to be in video format! Record a video just two minutes long responding to one of the two discussion questions. Which question you choose is your choice. Write out your answers to the other question (minimum of 150 words for your written answer). For your written answer, make sure to include in-text MLA citations as well as a works cited area after you’ve answered the questions.

Discussion Questions

  1. What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week?
    • (Please note that you’ll have this question almost every week. Make sure to engage with specific parts of the course content as you answer it, and avoid saying it was challenging to do the reading because it was long. What was exciting, interesting, or challenging about the history itself?)
  2. According to the reading, to what extent was resistance by enslaved people to the brutality of slavery shaped by gender?

In-text MLA citations look like this: (Glymph 1). Glymph is the author’s last name and ‘1’ refers to the specific page number you found the information you referenced. For the lecture, you can just say (Smith Lecture, Part 1) or (Smith Lecture, Part 2) as long as you include the full citation in the works cited page that provides the title of the lecture.

This is a helpful overview of how to use in-text MLA citations (click!). 

Here’s a video if you prefer video instructions: MLA Style: In-Text Citations (8th Ed., 2016)

Please make sure to include a word count in your post and your replies.

Instructions for posting your video:

The easiest way to upload your video is  to click on the icon on the menu with the play button and the music note. Then click “upload/record,” then click “record” and go for it! Once you’re done, your video should automatically show up in your discussion forum post.

If this isn’t working for you, please be in touch or upload your video to YouTube, then share the YouTube link in your discussion forum post. To do that, follow these instructions:


  1. After you’ve recorded your video, upload it to YouTube by doing the following: a) click the video camera icon in the top right of the YouTube website and follow the instructions (if you’re concerned about privacy you can check “unlisted” so that only people with the link can see it. Note that if you click “private” only you can see it); b) once you’ve done that, click share, and copy and paste the URL for your video.
  2. Go into the discussion forum and copy and paste the URL into your post. When you hit enter and publish your post, a small version of the video should appear.

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