Part A: Question 1 is obligatory and is allocated 18

Part A:  Question 1 is obligatory and is allocated 18 marks.

Question 1 (obligatory – 18 marks) 

Why was the English literary canon accused of representing the Anglophone elitist culture at the expense of non-Anglophone cultures? Explain using examples.

Part B: Choose TWO QUESTIONS to answer.

Question 2 (optional – 16 marks) 

How did the global status of English affect its position in academia? Illustrate through examples.

Question 3:(optional – 16 marks)

Explain the concept introduced by Ferguson on the ‘hegemony of English’ and list the areas that relate to its possible harmful effects.

Question 4:(optional – 16 marks)

Explain the phenomenon of Language Death. Use illustrative examples to support your discussion.

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