Part 4: Stakeholder Plan For the project selected in Unit


  • Part 4: Stakeholder Plan
    For the project selected in Unit I, create an abbreviated stakeholder management plan. Your plan should follow the process for planning stakeholder management, as referred to in Table 4.1 in the textbook.The deliverable for this element of the project is a table that you may create in Word or Excel. The table should include at minimum 10 project stakeholders using the following headings:

    • Stakeholder
    • Communication Needs
    • Method/Medium
    • Timing/Frequency
    • Further, each stakeholder is labeled in the table using the PMBOK® Guide categories:
    • Unaware
    • Resistant
    • Neutral
    • Supportive
    • Leading
    • Finally, include a column for Strategies to succinctly list your planned approach to the management of each stakeholder.Note: In Unit VIII of this course, you will include a summary of your stakeholder plan as part of a PowerPoint presentation.
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