Part 1 Examining a Sample Research-Based Report After reading the

 Part 1 

Examining a Sample Research-Based Report

After reading the assigned pages from the Victoria Business School’s “Example of a Finished Report,” you will answer a series of questions. Your responses should run 1-2 sentences per question. These questions will help you prepare for your own business report. Provide feedback for one classmate’s answers.

Please download the document, “How to Write a Business Report,” from Victoria University.  The document is linked to in Content for Week 3.

Please access page 26 of the document, “An Example of a Finished Report.”

Review the report, which covers pages 27-41.

Please respond to this discussion topic by answering the following questions.  Your answers can be 1-2 sentences:

  1. What problem is the author addressing?
  2. Where in the report does the author cite secondary research?  You can mention one or two pages.
  3. What types of primary research does the author cite in the report?  You can give one or two examples. (Due to the Corona virus pandemic you may not be able to do primary research for your later writing assignments, the proposal memo and research report; however, it’s important that you know how and why this research is used in business reports.)
  4. Consider your Research-Based Report for this class.  What problem might you address in your workplace, school, or community? 

 Part 2- Examining a Sample Synthesis Lit Review (WA#2)

Please examine the sample synthesis literature review, “Employee Retention and Turnover.” (BE AWARE: This paper is cited and lists references using APA 6th Edition)

(The review can be found in the Week 3 Content or under the Content heading “Sample Papers for WRTG 394.”)

Answer the following questions. Post your answers as your response to this discussion topic.

1. Discuss how well the student has synthesized the sources (base your response on your review of the sample synthesis essays and the video located in the Content area for Weeks #2 and #3). 

  • Note one area where synthesis was well done.  Explain in a sentence or two why the synthesis was effective in this part of the paper.
  • Note one area where synthesis could have been improved.  Explain in a few sentences why the synthesis was not particularly effective in this part of the paper.

2. Check to see if the student writer has provided at least one citation for every source listed in the references for the student’s paper. Note whether the student has done this successfully or has failed to cite any source(s). Why is citing all sources listed as references important?

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