Overview Perceptual experiences are the foundation of our feeling and understanding



Perceptual experiences are the foundation of our feeling and understanding the world. Perceptions happen without us putting any special effort. We hear, see, smell, touch and taste things naturally and unawares most of the time. Our senses alert us when something is not okay, dangerous, pleasant or unpleasant, poisonous or delightful. The purpose of the site visits is to focus on our sensory experiences and evaluate them. This goal is achieved through experiencing art exhibits, musical performances, food and wine tasting, perfume smelling, touching different materials. Although each visit is focused on one of the senses, each one involves the other senses as well. Our senses work together to provide us with a complete picture of the surrounding world.


While at home, with your children, make this site visit an experience for the whole family. Watch the videos depicting visits to real gardens – one rose garden and one tulip garden. The real gardens are far away at places that we may never go to, but from the convenience of our homes we can enjoy them. You can also employ your imagination to complement the

experience with memories about smelling and touching flowers and enhance your perception of the virtual gardens, bring fond memories.

Watch the following videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwh8OmiUDxk rose garden/park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LWGdb2e8sY tulip garden/park


The purpose of this Site Visit is for students to pay attention, observe and describe to how she experiences the surrounding world through her senses: hearing, vision, smell, touch and taste.

1. The student will focus on the her perceptions while attending the virtual gardens visits.

2. The student will gain awareness of how color, light and sound, movement are used to enhance awareness and stir up emotion by a visit to a beautiful garden.

3. The student will interpret clues received through the senses.

4. The student will use her ability to observe the environment and perceive information through the senses.

5. The student will make conclusions and derive concepts based on her sensory experience.

6. The student will enhance her awareness of how the senses affect our understanding of surrounding world, even without words.

7. The student will enhance her appreciation of flowers, gardens, the natural beauty and the effort made to preserve that beauty.



Before you start writing your log, read the guide carefully. The log should consist of three parts: describe, analyze and evaluate.

1. Describe the physical setting of the site visit (you living room, kitchen table, etc.). are you relaxed and comfortable, if not try to make yourself. Write what are you watching. Copy the IP address so the facilitator knows you watched one and the same video. Describe what you see and listen to, what do you imagine to smell and touch. Write down what takes over the experience – the flowers, the noises, the people walking around, the music, the colors, etc.

2.Analyze how the different elements (pictures, colors, noises, music, arrangements and others) of the experience are related. Is there any repetition of pictures, melody, noises, that enhances the experience. What connects the different elements?

3. Evaluate how did you feel while watching. Were you elated? Did the video make you happy, fulfilled, full of energy or sad, bored, yearning? Which garden tour video you liked better and why? Can you imagine yourself walking through any of the gardens, observe, smell and touch the flowers, observe other people; is it related to your personal experience? Would you like to repeat the experience AND why not or why yes?

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