my reserch topic is crime prevention Final Paper: The paper

 my reserch topic is crime prevention

Final Paper: The paper should be typed, double-spaced, standard text and margins. Please place the word count on the title page of your paper.

Your final grade will be reflective of the quality of the library research and the analysis of the literature in the paper. The object of this course for students to write an intelligent analysis, on a topic of their choosing, which integrates scholarly sources, synthesis of scholarly sources (literature review), and analysis of the literature (topic analysis assignment). Previous assignments are intended to be revised and used in the final paper. Please make ample use of your previous work—this will help you create a stellar final paper.


–       20-25 pages (double spaced, 12 point font)

–       25 citations, 15 scholarly and 10 of your choice (only 15 scholarly required for internship students) (Annotations do not need to be included in final paper bibliography).

–       APA or Chicago style in-text citations and reference page

Please also note that the previous assignments are used to help you start and develop your final project in a timely manner. These assignments can be used in an edited form in the final paper—for instance, the literature review, if written sufficiently the first time, could be a section in the paper.  Likewise, the topic statement due at the beginning of the semester would be a good opportunity to develop the introduction to the paper.

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