MDC Evidence Based Practice Reflection

Following the assignment guidelines below, you will submit a written reflection paper on your nurse educator interview by the end of week 4.

Please listen to the recording attached that will help answer the following questions.

Assignment Guidelines

Your interview paper should include:

  • Who does the interviewee teach?
  • What does your interviewee teach and where?
  • Trends and changes in nursing education as experienced by the person you interviewed.
  • A reflection that compares your interview data to class readings and the literature that you reviewed prior to conducting the interview (pay special attention to trends, themes, concepts, and changes in nursing education).
  • What you learned as a result of this assignment.
  • A conclusion discussing your personal thoughts, opinions, views, and insights related to the specific area of nursing education of your interviewee.

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MDC Evidence Based Practice Reflection

Nursing Assignment Help

In this assignment, students are required to submit a written reflection paper on a nurse educator interview they conducted. The purpose of this assignment is to gain insights into nursing education by engaging in a conversation with an experienced nurse educator. By listening to an interview recording and following the assignment guidelines, students are expected to analyze the interview data, compare it to class readings and literature, and offer their own thoughts and opinions on the topic.


The interviewee in this case is a nurse educator who teaches nursing students at a college level. The specific level of students may vary depending on the educational institution, but generally, nurse educators have the responsibility of teaching and training future nurses in various aspects of healthcare and nursing practice.

The nurse educator interviewed in this assignment teaches a range of subjects related to nursing. This may include courses on nursing theories, clinical skills, pharmacology, patient care, medical ethics, and other relevant topics. The educator’s teaching location or institution may differ, but it could be a nursing school, community college, university, or any other educational organization offering nursing programs.

From the interview, the nurse educator shared insights into trends and changes in nursing education as they have experienced in their career. This could include advancements in healthcare technology, changes in curriculum design, integration of evidence-based practice, the growing importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, and the impact of cultural diversity on nursing education. The interviewee’s experiences and observations would provide valuable information for students to reflect on and compare with the literature they have studied.

Comparing the interview data with class readings and prior literature is an important aspect of this assignment. Students should pay special attention to identify trends, themes, concepts, and changes in nursing education that align with their interview findings. They can discuss similarities or differences between the interview data and the academic resources, critically analyze the implications and relevance of these findings, and provide examples or evidence to support their reflections.

Through this assignment, students are expected to learn valuable insights about nursing education. They may gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by nurse educators, the evolving role of technology in teaching, the importance of lifelong learning in nursing practice, and the impact of educational strategies on student outcomes. Additionally, students may also learn about the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and patient-centered care in nursing education.

In conclusion, this assignment requires students to reflect on their nurse educator interview experience, compare it with class readings and literature, and offer their own thoughts and insights. By engaging in this exercise, students are expected to broaden their knowledge and understanding of nursing education, its challenges, and its impact on the nursing profession.

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