Linear Regression Discussion Using the attached data ( Car Weight

Linear Regression Discussion

Using the attached data (
Car Weight and MPG.sav
 ), compute and interpret the relationship between:

Car Weight (“Weight”) and miles per gallon consumed (“CityMPG”)

For this regression analysis, state the following:

A clear research question appropriate for a linear regression: (e.g., Is X a significant predictor of Y?”)

Null and research hypotheses that align clearly and neatly with your RQ.

Description of the variables used.

Your dependent and independent variables. (Clearly explain your rationale as to why which is which.)

State the sample size, along with the mean,  standard deviation, and range (min & max) for each variable, in a paragraph format. (Do  not just include a table, and not talk about it.)

State the rationale for applying regression analysis in this investigation using appropriate readings and resources in Module 5. (Please cite specific references.)

Findings in an APA format. (This includes the wording of the finding and the tables/figures included.)

Use the following link to provide the template:

Also add a clear interpretation of the R-square value in your finding.  See last page:!/file/MASH_simple_linear_regression_SPSS.pdf

Note: Even if the p-value in the SPSS output shows “.000,” write it out as “p < .001.”

Write out your regression equation, and state the predicted miles per gallon for cars that weighs 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. (Clearly show the calculations and steps involved.)

Include the SPSS output in your appendix.

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