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As a part of our end to Term 2 clinical you will be doing presentations on a particular topic. The purpose of this assignment is for you to research the topic and then share your findings with our clinical group in your own way. The presentations should be concise and include useful information that you feel our clinical group as future nurses can benefit from learning. Each student will present an 8 – 10-minute presentation on their topic in front of the group (presentations must be verbal and accompanied by a power point, poster/trifold, or pamphlet (a copy for each person in our group including instructor).

Presentations should include but are not limited to the following:

  • Description of the topic, current information on it, your understanding and view point of it, any pros/cons, discussion of how it impacts us as nurses etc.
  • 4 nclex style questions for our group to do together at the end based on your topic. Information pertaining to the questions must be included in your presentation.
  • At the end of your presentation include a reference page – this page should include where you found all of the information used in your presentation (does not need to be APA format just name of book, articles, or website links) (remember copying directly is plagiarism, you must read, understand, and put into your own words).

My topic is: Palliative care vs. Hospice Care –

Expert Solution Preview

The topic assigned for the presentation is “Palliative care vs. Hospice Care.” This topic aims to explore the similarities and differences between these two aspects of healthcare, specifically focusing on their impact on nurses and the nursing profession. In this assignment, students are required to conduct research on the topic and present their findings to the clinical group. The presentation should be concise and informative, and students are encouraged to utilize different mediums such as verbal presentation along with visual aids like PowerPoint, posters, trifold, or pamphlets to enhance the learning experience for the audience.

Palliative care and hospice care are two important components of healthcare that provide relief and support to patients with serious illnesses. Although they share similarities in their goals and approaches, there are distinct differences between the two.

Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for patients with serious illnesses by managing their symptoms, providing pain relief, and addressing their emotional and psychological needs. It can be provided alongside curative treatment and is not limited to patients with a terminal prognosis. Palliative care focuses on holistic care and the overall well-being of the patient.

On the other hand, hospice care is specifically designed for patients who have a terminal illness and have a prognosis of six months or less. Hospice care provides support and comfort to patients during the end stages of their life, aiming to improve their quality of life and ensure a peaceful and dignified death. Hospice care is typically provided in a dedicated facility or at the patient’s home, and it involves a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, doctors, social workers, and other healthcare professionals.

As future nurses, understanding the differences between palliative care and hospice care is crucial for providing appropriate care to our patients. Both forms of care require a compassionate and empathetic approach, but the focus and scope of care differ. By gaining knowledge about the similarities and differences between these two aspects of healthcare, we can better serve our patients and their families during difficult times.

To assess our understanding of the topic, I have prepared four NCLEX-style questions for our group to answer collectively. These questions will test our knowledge and comprehension of the concepts presented. It is essential to review the information provided during the presentation to answer these questions accurately. The questions will be shared at the end of the presentation for discussion and collaborative learning.

Lastly, I have compiled a reference page that includes the sources from which I obtained the information for this presentation. It is important to acknowledge the sources and avoid plagiarism by presenting the information in our own words. The reference page does not need to be in APA format, but it should mention the names of books, articles, or website links used for the research.

By exploring and understanding the nuances between palliative care and hospice care, we can enhance our knowledge and become more informed and compassionate nurses. This topic is essential in providing comprehensive care to patients with serious illnesses, and by sharing our findings with the clinical group, we can collectively contribute to the advancement of nursing practice.

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