In this activity, your group will collaborate to create a

  • In this activity, your group will collaborate to create a timeline of the growth of your assigned city (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Consider identifying a significant global or national event and looking through old newspaper or magazine archives for current local reporting on the issue. Feel free to start with a source such as Wikipedia – but supplement your entry with primary sources. In particular, focus on events relevant to this module’s topics, such as:
  • Growth of environmentalism
  • Cultural and social aspects of the city
  • Local issues of social/environmental justice
  • You cannot pick an event that another student has already contributed to the presentation
  • Make sure to have the events in a chronological order. 

After you are done with your slide, Review your group’s Significant Events Timeline PowerPoint and comment on the following in a 2-3 minute video:

  • How did any particular environmental or social justice movement shape the city today?
  • Are there any unique social or cultural norms that have played/may play a role in the city’s response to events relevant to this module?

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