Imagine yourself a leader and a steward in your dream

Imagine yourself a leader and a steward in your dream career opportunity.

Using Hamel’s five elements of Stewardship, carefully consider each of the following:

  • Fealty: A propensity to view the talents and treasure at one’s command as a trust rather than as the means for personal gain.
  • Charity: A willingness to put the interests of others ahead of one’s own.
  • Prudence: A commitment to safeguard the future even as one takes advantage of the present.
  • Accountability: A sense of responsibility for the systemic consequences of one’s actions.
  • Equity: A desire to ensure that rewards are distributed in a way that corresponds to contribution rather than power.

Task Description

  1. For each element, state your “bedrock belief” about each concept. It is not necessary to agree with Hamel. The purpose is to map the author’s concepts of stewardship to your values or beliefs.
  2. Next, for each stewardship concept describe how you envision incorporating the principle in your organization. Describe where and how might you apply the concept. What lengths would you go to be a steward?
  3. Identify any of Hamel’s concepts that you would omit and describe an alternative idea that should be added for stewardship.


Summarize your answers and thoughts in a 2-4-page paper and at least cite 2 sources.

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