HU Childhood Obesity Data Presentation


Develop: Data Presentation

Estimated time to complete: 5 hours

As a health care manager, you will have many opportunities to present data to various stakeholders in your organization. Understanding how to communicate this information effectively is a key skill for a manager.

         Evaluation Title: Data Presentation

Collect data for any health care related topic. 

  • You may use the CDC databases or other reliable sources.
  • Be sure to cite the source of your data.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to share the data with an audience of your choice.

  • Include an introduction slide, summarizing the data collected, and who your audience is. This information is for your instructor to use as a background when assessing your presentation.

Illustrate your data using two different display methods (graph, pie chart, etc.)

  • As part of your presentation (included in speaker’s notes) explain to your audience which display method best represents the message behind the data presented. 

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In this assignment, students are required to develop a data presentation for a health care-related topic. The objective is to enable students to effectively communicate data to different stakeholders in an organization. The focus is on collecting data from reliable sources, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, and using two different display methods to illustrate the data. Additionally, students are expected to explain which display method best represents the message behind the data.

For this assignment, students are tasked with collecting data on any health care-related topic from reliable sources such as the CDC databases. It is important to cite the source of the data to ensure transparency and credibility. Students should then prepare a PowerPoint presentation that includes an introduction slide summarizing the data collected and identifying the audience for the presentation. This information will help the instructor in assessing the presentation.

To illustrate the data, students should use two different display methods such as graphs, pie charts, or other suitable visual representations. In the speaker’s notes of the presentation, they should explain to the audience which display method best represents the message behind the data. This demonstrates their understanding of choosing appropriate visualizations to effectively convey the information to the audience.

Overall, this assignment will enhance students’ skills in data presentation and communication, which are essential for health care managers. By effectively presenting data to stakeholders, students will develop the ability to convey valuable insights and make informed decisions based on the information provided.

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