HSC 3110 Healthy Behaviors and SMART Goal Discussion

Part 2:  Action Plan

For this assignment you will create a very specific action plan to successfully achieve your personal health goal.

**Review “Developing Skills for Change:  Creating a Personalized Plan” pg. 20-22 in your text)

Time to get specific.  Develop one SMART goal.  (pg. 20-21 in your text) A SMART goal meets the following metrics:

S – specific

M – measurable

A -attainable

R – relevant

T- time based

Write a summary of your action plan.  What will you do to create a habit change?   Discuss a new routine, what you will change specifically, or how you will achieve this goal.  The action plan is to be based off of sound information gathered in your brainstorming/info. gathering assignment. 

For Part 3 of this assignment, you will implement this Action Plan for at least 2 weeks.

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HSC 3110 Healthy Behaviors and SMART Goal Discussion

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In order to successfully achieve my personal health goal, I have created a specific action plan using the SMART goal framework. My SMART goal is as follows:

Specific: My goal is to improve my cardiovascular fitness by incorporating regular aerobic exercise into my daily routine.

Measurable: I will measure my progress by tracking the number of minutes I spend engaged in aerobic exercise each day. I will start with 20 minutes per day and gradually increase the duration over time.

Attainable: This goal is attainable as I have access to various aerobic exercise options such as jogging, cycling, and swimming. I can easily incorporate these activities into my daily schedule.

Relevant: Improving my cardiovascular fitness is important for my overall health and well-being. It will help reduce the risk of heart disease and improve my endurance and stamina.

Time-based: I will implement this action plan for a duration of at least 2 weeks. This will allow me to assess whether I am able to consistently engage in aerobic exercise and make it a habit.

To create a habit change and achieve this goal, I will establish a new routine. I will wake up 30 minutes earlier each day to give myself enough time for aerobic exercise before starting my daily activities. I will choose a variety of aerobic activities to keep myself motivated and prevent boredom. Additionally, I will enlist the support of a friend or family member to join me in my exercise routine, as having a workout buddy can increase accountability and motivation.

During the implementation period, I will keep track of the duration and type of aerobic exercise I engage in each day. This will help me monitor my progress and identify any adjustments needed to meet my goal. I will also pay attention to how my body feels during and after exercise, noting any improvements in my cardiovascular fitness.

Overall, by following this action plan and consistently engaging in aerobic exercise, I am confident that I will successfully achieve my personal health goal of improving my cardiovascular fitness.

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