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Unit 5 Assignment – EMR Presentation

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EMR systems fulfill many roles in a variety of health care settings. Like many technologies, EMRs may be under-utilized, or the users may not understand everything the system is capable of. As a manager, you are in the position to research and learn about EMRs, and then to educate others as to the benefits and limitations of these complex systems.

After several years working as a clinic manager in the hospital setting, you have been hired by one of your physicians who is leaving the hospital to start his own practice in the community. You will be the practice manager, and responsible for much of the research and development phases of this new venture. The physician has asked you to provide recommendations on what EMR to use. A few of your options include: pay for a license to use the system the hospital has in place – or – purchase a separate system entirely.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your research and recommendations.

  • Length: approximately 5 slides o Audience: the physician (practice owner), a business consultant, and two Registered Nurses.
  • Summarize the reasons your practice needs an EMR system (include: demographic, administrative, and clinical data collection).
  • Clearly present the benefits and risks of each option
  • Your conclusion slide(s) should include a recommendation, specific steps for moving forward, and a timeline for implementation.

Expert Solution Preview

In this PowerPoint presentation, we will discuss the importance of implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in your new medical practice. We will explore the reasons why your practice needs an EMR system, including demographic, administrative, and clinical data collection. Additionally, we will analyze the benefits and risks of two options for obtaining an EMR system – either through a license from the hospital or by purchasing a separate system. Finally, we will provide a recommendation, outline the steps for moving forward, and present a timeline for implementation.

Slide 1: Introduction
– Introduce the topic of EMR systems and their importance in healthcare settings
– Briefly explain the purpose of the presentation

Slide 2: Reasons for implementing an EMR system
– Describe the demographic data collection capabilities of an EMR system
– Explain how an EMR system can streamline administrative tasks such as scheduling and billing
– Highlight the importance of clinical data collection for improving patient care and outcomes

Slide 3: Option 1 – License from the hospital
– Present the benefits of using the EMR system already in place at the hospital, such as familiarity and compatibility with existing systems
– Discuss the potential risks, such as limited customization options and dependence on the hospital’s IT department

Slide 4: Option 2 – Purchase a separate system
– Present the benefits of purchasing a separate EMR system, such as greater flexibility and customization options
– Discuss the potential risks, such as higher upfront costs and the need for additional training and integration with existing systems

Slide 5: Conclusion and recommendation
– Summarize the benefits and risks of each option
– Provide a clear recommendation based on your research and analysis
– Outline the specific steps for moving forward, such as conducting a cost-benefit analysis and consultation with other practices
– Present a timeline for implementation, including key milestones and a projected completion date

In conclusion, implementing an EMR system in your new medical practice is crucial for efficient data collection and improved patient care. Through this PowerPoint presentation, we have discussed the reasons for utilizing an EMR system, presented the benefits and risks of two options – obtaining a license from the hospital or purchasing a separate system – and provided a recommendation and timeline for implementation. By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that best meets the needs of your practice.

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