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In recent years there has been incredible growth in the number of software applications that have been designed to help support project management and project management teams. These software options are quite diverse, with individual applications being designed to fit both particular industry knishes as well as different types of project groups with varying constituencies and makeups. With this huge variety of applications available, it is important for project managers to understand the capabilities of several systems, as well as being able to select a system that best meets the needs of the project team that they are managing. In some cases, project groups will use pre-selected software packages, but in other groups, the project manager may have the liberty to select applications that are the best fit for that team.

In this assignment, we will be evaluating web-based project management tools that are primarily designed to help manage team interaction and project reporting. In a later assignment, we will be evaluating other tools that are more specifically designed to create schedules and reports.

Choose one of the services listed below and write a review that addresses in detail the questions below:

  • Are the features of this software?
  • How does this software facilitate group interaction?
  • How does this software facilitate the sharing of files or project updates?
  • Who do you believe is the primary Market for this service?
  • Thinking about your own project, with this software be a good fit? Why or why not?

** An important note: each of the listed packages has the option for you to create a free or trial account. Do not use a paid account to complete this evaluation.

All assignments should be completed in a Word document using correct APA formatting (Headers, one-inch margins, and double spacing, title page and Reference page, etc.). Please complete the essay in a Microsoft Word document. Essays that are pasted into the Assignments area will not be accepted. The length of your essay response should be around 800 words and requires a minimum of 2 sources. Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

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Project management software has become an important tool for managing team interactions and project reporting in recent years. In this assignment, we will be evaluating web-based project management tools and their features, benefits, and drawbacks. The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the capabilities of different systems and to choose the best tool that meets the needs of their project team. This assignment requires students to write a review about one of the selected applications and address specific questions concerning its features, group interaction, file sharing, target market, and suitability for their own project.


Freedcamp is a web-based project management tool that has been designed to help manage project teams and their interactions. It is a useful tool for individuals, project managers and their teams, small businesses, and large organizations. Freedcamp offers a variety of features that includes task lists, calendars, milestones, project status, and time tracking. Additionally, Freedcamp offers integrations with other tools such as G Suite, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

The software facilitates group interaction by providing a centralized platform for communication. Team members can collaborate and communicate in real-time using features like discussion boards, Wikis, and chat. Freedcamp provides an easy-to-use interface to facilitate group collaboration on projects. The software also has an in-built notification system that can be customized for each user to ensure that they are informed of project updates and activity.

Freedcamp facilitates the sharing of files and project updates by providing a centralized repository that can be accessed by all team members. Users can easily share files, documents, and project updates with other members of the team. Freedcamp integrates well with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The primary market for this service is small to medium-sized businesses that require a low-cost project management tool. While it is suitable for larger organizations, its features may be too basic for more complex projects. Additionally, it may not be the best fit for businesses that require more advanced features like reporting and analytics.

In my opinion, Freedcamp is an excellent option as a project management tool for small teams or individual projects. Having used Freedcamp myself, I found it very helpful for tracking project activities and keeping everyone informed of progress. However, for larger organizations or more complex projects, I would recommend evaluating other project management tools that have more advanced features.

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