Here are some good tips to follow and some things


Here are some good tips to follow and some things to avoid when putting together MS Power Point presentations:

The presentation should:

  • Include AT LEAST 12 slides; a cover slide, an agenda slide, a closing slide, and a references slide as the slide slide in the deck are included in this number.
  • Include speaker’s notes below each slide (think of these as notecards you would look at when presenting your slides – discussing in more detail each of the points you’ve made on the slides
  • Follow the power point rule of 5 to 7 (no more than 5-7 bullet points per slide and no more than 5-7 words per bullet point). This is a guideline but gets to the point that slides should NOT have every word that you’re going to say on them. They should be concise and high level – you will talk about each point in more detail when you present your slide deck.

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