Health & Medical Analysis Process and Data Gathering Tools Essay

Data Gathering & Analysis Process

For this assignment you will finalize your analysis process and data gathering tools as you prepare to analyze your chosen athlete during each of your 2 skills.

My athlete is Trevor, his sport is worlds toughest mudder, the skills are sprinting and climbing

In the assignment text box

  1. Present your specific photos, videos, and analysis tools for my review.
  2. Present your intended analysis process. Explain your chosen analysis tools, apps, visuals, etc in a way that showcases your process of data collection.
  3. Provide a brief description of how you will develop your Analysis sheet for each of your skills. This description will include what phases you will analyze and how you will organize your feedback.

Bartlett, Roger – Sports biomechanics: Reducing injury and improving performance, 1999.  Chapter 5, pp. 147-177 & Chapter 8, pp. 244-265.

Expert Solution Preview

In order to analyze the performance of the chosen athlete Trevor in his two skills, sprinting and climbing, the data gathering and analysis process needs to be established. In this assignment, we will present the specific photos, videos, and analysis tools for review, explain the chosen analysis process and tools, and provide a brief description of how the analysis sheet for each skill will be developed. By utilizing these approaches, we aim to enhance our understanding of Trevor’s performance and provide valuable feedback for improvement.

1. Specific photos, videos, and analysis tools:
For the review, we will present a series of photos and videos capturing Trevor’s performance in both sprinting and climbing. The photos will provide still images that allow for detailed analysis of his body position, alignment, and technique during each skill. Additionally, the videos will offer dynamic footage, enabling a more comprehensive assessment of Trevor’s movements and transitions.

To perform the analysis, we will utilize advanced analysis tools such as Dartfish and Coach’s Eye. These software applications offer frame-by-frame playback, slow-motion capabilities, and annotation features that allow for detailed examination and comparison of specific movements. By capturing Trevor’s actions from multiple angles, these tools will enhance the accuracy and precision of our analysis.

2. Intended analysis process and chosen tools:
Our chosen analysis process involves a step-by-step approach to gather and analyze data. Firstly, we will carefully review the collected photos and videos, identifying key moments and individual movements in which improvements can be made for both skills. To achieve this, we will utilize Dartfish and Coach’s Eye software, enabling us to dissect Trevor’s technique and scrutinize his performance thoroughly. These analysis tools will provide a comprehensive view of Trevor’s actions, allowing us to identify strengths and areas requiring further development.

3. Development of Analysis sheet:
To develop the analysis sheet for each of Trevor’s skills, we will divide the analysis into specific phases. For example, in sprinting, we will include the starting phase, acceleration phase, and maximal velocity phase. In climbing, the analysis sheet will encompass the reaching phase, pulling phase, and foot placement phase.

Within each phase, we will organize our feedback based on observations and key performance indicators. These indicators may include body positioning, joint angles, muscular engagement, and coordination. By categorizing and organizing our feedback in this manner, we aim to provide Trevor with clear and actionable insights for improvement.

By utilizing specific photos, videos, analysis tools, and a well-structured analysis sheet, we will be able to gather and analyze data effectively for Trevor’s skills in sprinting and climbing. This approach will enable us to provide targeted feedback, contributing to his development and performance improvement in both sports.

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