GENERAL INSTRUCTION You will watch the drama/melodrama movie “Frida” (2002) on



You will watch the drama/melodrama movie “Frida” (2002) on either Netflix or Amazon. You will view Frida by using the five senses to analyze the film. In interpreting Frida, you will primarily use the senses of vision and hearing. However, I encourage you to use your other senses as well to aid your interpretation of the film. I suggest that you recreate the movie theater experience (e.g., making popcorn, eating snacks, etc.). By doing this the students will be able to immerse themselves in the film by experiencing all of the five senses.

By engaging in this educational experience allows students to watch a film by using their cognition, emotions, and senses. It all begins with a solid and convincing portrayal of elements on screen, the filmmaker’s creativity, and your own creativity to create ideas to enhance your sensorial experience.

Essential Question:

How do you use your senses to explore, investigate, and understand the world around you?


1. What are the main themes of this film?

2. What are the political feelings of the time?

3. How did the film make you feel? Why?

4. What did you like about this visit? Why?

5. What was your favorite part of the movie? Why?

6. What did you learn about the Mexican culture through the film?

7. Share concepts and ideas that you formulated from this experience.

8. Write about the use of your senses as a process of learning.

9. Did this film change your view about art and artist?


The film “Frida” is based on Hayden Herrera’s 1983 biography of Frida Kahlo, which rescued her life story from obscurity and helped transform her into a neo-feminist icon. One of the most impressive things about the film is the actors’ resemblance to their real-life counterparts.

Set in Mexico City, this visually evocative film traces Frida Kahlo’s lifelong and tempestuous romantic relationship with her mentor, Diego Rivera. The biopic also covered her illicit affairs with Trotsky and various women. Her forward-thinking artistic, political, and sexual attitudes are explored as we observe a passionate woman of the early 1900’s, which earned an Oscar nomination for the actress who portrayed Frida, Salma Hayek.

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