Elaborate a Research Paper on the Use of Radiation in

Elaborate a Research Paper on the Use of Radiation in Sterilization using APA Style, Plagiarism Free. 


Use the following as guidelines for preparing your APA style Research paper:

· 3 pages (750) not including the title or reference page

· Use 12 point font (preferably New Times Roman)

· Entire manuscript is double-spaced, including the Title page and Reference page

· Use 1” margins on all sides of paper for the entire body of the manuscript. 

  • You can assign margins easily in the top menu bar under       File>Page Setup>Margins tab 

· Manuscript page header and page number: Each page, including the title page, must have the manuscript header and the page number in the upper right hand corner.

  • The manuscript page       header consists of a shortened title, usually the first 2 or at most       3 words of the title (see title page example). 
  • The manuscript page header is placed 5 spaces to the left of       the page number 
  • Use numerals 1, 2, 3 and so on for the page numbers 
  • To set this up       automatically on your document, use the Header and Footer feature       found under the View menu. 
    • NOTE: Do not confuse the Manuscript page header with the Running head

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