Do you think extremist Muslims hate the United States because


Do  you think extremist Muslims hate the United States because it has  troops on soil they consider holy (Saudi Arabia)? If so, why don’t we  take them out of there? Or is it fear of losing Saudi oil that keeps  them there?

*Please note: this is a safe space where HONESTY and  ALL OPINIONS are valued! Additionally, although disagreement is  inevitable, please refrain from being judgmental, rude, and/or  condescending. While we may not have the same opinion, we can each learn  from one another. With that being said, I look forward to reading your  thoughts…

1- student response

While  I do believe that some extremist Muslims act in fear, I do not believe  this is the main cause for their hatred towards the United States. This  is a complex situation so it is hard to give a general reason as to why  there is hatred but I think it is a combination of fear and anger. I  also believe that the United States does not take our troops out of  Saudi Arabia is due to fear and anger. I think there is hear that if  they let it seem like they are trusting them and giving them “freedom”  or “space” that something will happen that they feel they could have  prevented. I also think it is anger because the United States had  received threats from the area. Another notable reason why the United  States may be angry is because out of the nineteen terrorists who took  part in the infamous 9/11 attacks, fifteen of them were from Saudi  Arabia. While I do not believe that it is fair to label every Muslim in  Saudi Arabia as a threat because of the actions of these fifteen, and  maybe others, I do understand how the United States may have concerns  when it comes to moving out their troops. It is almost like losing  leverage because if something does happen in the United States that  sourced from Saudi Arabia, troops are already there and are ready to  retaliate instantly. I think that Saudi Arabia can look at this as a  good thing though because if there were an attack on Saudi Arabia from  another country there are U.S. troops and weapons that can be used for  help. 

2-I have come to believe that extremist Muslims not only hate the United  States not solely because we have troops on their soil, but because we  are taking oil from their and bombing their cities allowing innocent  people to be killed as well. There are more factors that are involved  behind the hatred that extremist Muslims have on the United States. I  believe it is a mix of hatred and fear that drives their hatred towards  the United States because they do not know what the U.S. is capable of  in foreign territory which is why they do not want them to take over  their land as well as anger towards the taking their resources for their  own benefit. I would suggest that the troops be removed from their  land, but at the same time the only reason why we are even sending  troops to foreign territory is because of the terrorist attacks that  they had initiated in the United States killing our innocent civilians  as well. I also believe that another one of the reasons for the U.S.  troops staying in Saudi Arabia is because of the fear of losing oil but  also because in case the terrorist are planning another attack or  assault, there are already troops over there to confront the issue. Not  everyone in Saudi Arabia has bad intentions such as the terrorist which  is another reason why we have troops over there in order to be able to  protect them from terrorist attacks or any attacks from neighboring  countries.

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