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Social Contract and Integration

A social contract is something that can be either explicitly or implicitly stated in the bylaws of any place where individuals gather for work, entertainment, or consumer based activities. In regard to whether or not certain traditions or beliefs should be restricted so that a more comprehensive social contract should be achieved, I do not agree. Unless for some reason certain traditions or beliefs can cause harm of any kind to others in the setting discussed, either mentally, emotionally, and of course physically all beliefs and traditions should be welcomed so as to become as culturally proficient as possible.   

Impact of Health Care Delivery

The impact that social contracts and compliance have in the health care delivery system within this country is simply what this country needs the most, competition. If certain organizations are able to be inclusive and culturally competent to a point where they draw consumers away from the “big brother” in their marketplace, then it is good for everyone (Dafny et al., 2016). This is something that can be done by proper hiring of staff after getting to know the potential clientele base and the needs that they desire. Consumers have a huge part to play in the lowering of health care costs by not defaulting to the first health care facility that shows up after one Google search. If these consumers go to other facilities with more cultural competence they may find similar care for even lower prices (Pearl, 2015). By having employees on all levels be culturally competent we open avenues for our consumers to receive better care at lower prices which should be the ultimate goal of any organization due to its reciprocating effect. 


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The student’s response discusses the concept of social contract and its relevance in medical college education. The student emphasizes the importance of embracing different beliefs and traditions unless they cause harm to others. Moreover, the impact of social contracts and compliance on the healthcare delivery system is explored, highlighting the benefits of cultural competence and competition in lowering healthcare costs. Overall, the response demonstrates an understanding of the topic and its implications in the medical field.

Answer to the Content:
The student’s post presents a well-structured and thoughtful perspective on the role of social contracts and integration within medical education and healthcare delivery. The student rightly suggests that unless certain traditions or beliefs pose harm to others, it is essential to welcome diversity in order to promote cultural proficiency. This emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and respect for different cultural backgrounds in the medical field.

Furthermore, the student aptly highlights the impact of social contracts and compliance on the healthcare delivery system. By emphasizing the need for competition, the student acknowledges that culturally competent organizations can draw consumers away from larger establishments. The student recognizes that hiring staff who are culturally competent and understanding the needs of diverse clientele can facilitate an environment that offers similar or better care at lower prices. This perspective aligns with the goal of achieving better healthcare outcomes and cost-effective solutions for patients.

Overall, the student demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the significance of social contracts and integration in medical education and healthcare delivery, and their potential positive effects. The response effectively addresses the prompt and presents an insightful perspective. Well done!

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