Data analysis – Pendulum Instructions: You will be completing the


Data analysis  – Pendulum



  • You will be completing the labs in groups and submit one pdf per group
  • Any person from the group can do the submission on behalf of the group
  • Include the names of the contributing persons on the top on the first page of the worksheet. 
  • No Lab report is required for this Lab. Just fill the worksheet. Make a pdf and submit it.
  • Do not upload individual pictures. Submit a single pdf (check resources below). You can use any free app from a cell phone or computer to convert it to pdf.


For this Lab, we will be using  Pendulum Phet Simulation: Pendulum-lab (Links to an external site.)

Lab Manual: 

Here is the Data Analysis worksheet: Pendulum Analysis Download Pendulum Analysis

  • You have to answer all the questions in the Worksheet
  • No formal Lab report is required
  • Submit one pdf of the worksheet per group
  • You have one week to work on this lab.





 Exceptional (20-10) 

 A Correct explanation of the concepts/answers. Correct explanation. Results can be reduplicated accurately.  Every question is answered. Good and supportive teamwork.  

 Acceptable (10-5)

 Material is lacking in meaningful explanation or wrong explanation/ missing answers. Results cannot be duplicated. Poor demonstration of teamwork. 

Marginal (5-0) 

 Few or no answers/explanations to questions. No submission. A very low level of results. Misbehavior with the other group members 

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