Create an original logo/graphic design that must contain:  • at least

Create an original logo/graphic design that must contain: 

• at least 4 triangles 

• two different sets of SIMILAR triangles (not congruent) 

• triangles that are connected  

• parallel lines OR overlapping triangles 

Working Version: 

Name each pair of similar triangles with a similarity statement 

State how you know each pair of triangles is similar (AA~, SAS~, or SSS~), you must use two of the 

three in the project 

o For congruent angles, measure them or show they are congruent by vertical angles, reflexive 

property (if the same angle is in both triangles), alternate interior, or some other theorem. 

o For proportional sides, measure them and state the similarity ratio or scalar. 

o, Mark the minimum number of parts to show similarity. 

As in the unit 3 project, you must document each step of the proof for both parts. 

Complete your project using the google slides template. Make the template your own by adding in 

creativity and professionalism to the slides. 

Please also include TWO versions of the same logo: a “working version” of the logo with the vertices 

labeled and measurements shown AND a “final version” where you use your creativity to make the logo 

look great! 

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