Choose two organizations whose general political viewpoints occupy different points

Choose two organizations whose general political viewpoints occupy different points along the political spectrum of ultra-conservative, corporate-conservative, and liberal-labor and compare and contrast the organizations which responds to the following:

1)Explain which organizations you have chosen and identify their homepage URLs.

2)Explain how you would characterize the political viewpoint of each of these organizations as ultra-conservative, corporate-conservative, OR liberal-labor and why.

3)Explain what type of organization each is, and what process or processes it is mainly involved in. Explain how each relates to the model of class, power, and politics.

4)Contrast the different views about social security expressed at the two organizations’ websites. How do they agree or differ on whether social security faces a crisis, whether social security is the best way to provide for retirement security, and what needs to be done?

5)Provide your own critical evaluation of these sites. Are the facts properly stated and documented? Are the interpretations convincingly supported by facts and other evidence? Are the policy proposals convincing to you? 

6)A reference list at the end of websites and resources used, in APA format.



American Enterprise Institute

Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Brookings Institution

Campaign for America’s Future

Cato Institute

Center for Economic and Policy Research

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Century Fund

Citizens for a Sound Economy

Club for Growth

Committee for Economic Development

Economic Policy Institute

Heritage Foundation

60 Plus

Urban Institute

USA Next

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