Change Management Discussion

Use the attached articles to answer question 1 & 2 . 

1.What are your key takeaways from HBR’s 10 Most Reads on Change Management (Vol. 2) papers?Use the attached document.

2. Which policy change(s) would control the disease better? Use the attached document labeled policy changed Covid-19

3.Describe yourself as a leader. Don’t tell me what kind of leader you want to be, tell me about the kind of leader you actually are – where you have strengths and where you have room to grow. You don’t get extra points for writing that you’re already a great leader. When you go about your work from day to day, talk about how you go about influencing the people around you, whether they work “for” you, around you, or above you. Think about what others would say if they’re being truthful about your style, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

4. The first half of the term is devoted to leaders preparing themselves for leadership. Senge and his coauthors discuss in the systems leadership article the importance of leaders “continually cultivating their ability to listen and their willingness to inquire into views in which they do not agree”. Reflect on this quote in the context of the systems leadership article and discuss how seeing your work in the larger context of what your team, organization, or society is working towards can make you a more effective leader. Finally, in the context of systems leadership and your overall leadership style, why do you think I asked you to review the Blind Men and the Elephant?

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Change Management Discussion

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, my role involves designing and conducting lectures, assessments, and providing feedback to medical college students. In this response, I will address each question separately and provide appropriate answers based on the given content.

Answer to Question 1:
My key takeaways from HBR’s 10 Most Reads on Change Management (Vol. 2) papers include:
– The importance of effective communication in change management, both in terms of ensuring clarity and managing resistance.
– The need for strong leadership during periods of change, including the ability to inspire and motivate others.
– The recognition that change is often met with resistance, and strategies to overcome this resistance through involvement and engagement of stakeholders.
– The role of organizational culture in facilitating or hindering change efforts.
– The significance of planning and implementing change in a systematic and structured manner.

Answer to Question 2:
To control the disease better, the following policy changes (as mentioned in the attached document labeled “Policy Changes Covid-19”) can be implemented:
– Strict enforcement of wearing masks in public spaces and adherence to social distancing measures.
– Implementing widespread testing and contact tracing measures to identify and isolate infected individuals promptly.
– Promoting public education and awareness campaigns to convey the importance of personal hygiene, vaccination, and preventive measures.
– Ensuring access to adequate healthcare resources and facilities to handle the surge in cases.
– Collaborating with public health agencies and international organizations to develop comprehensive policies for managing the disease.

Answer to Question 3:
As a leader, I strive to create a positive and collaborative work environment, where I value and respect diverse opinions and perspectives. I believe in leading by example and fostering open communication channels. I actively listen to the ideas and concerns of those around me, regardless of their position, and make an effort to understand their viewpoints and experiences.

My strengths as a leader lie in my ability to empathize with others, provide support and guidance, and encourage teamwork and collaboration. I aim to empower individuals and help them develop their skills and capabilities.

However, like any leader, I also have areas for growth. One area where I can improve is delegation. Sometimes, I find it challenging to let go of tasks and trust others to complete them. This can lead to unnecessary micromanagement and hinder the growth and development of team members. I am aware of this weakness and actively working on delegating tasks and responsibilities more effectively.

Answer to Question 4:
The quote by Senge and his coauthors emphasizes the importance of leaders continually cultivating their ability to listen and inquire into views with which they may not agree. In the context of the systems leadership article, it relates to the idea that effective leaders need to actively seek diverse perspectives and challenge their own assumptions to understand the larger context they are operating within.

Seeing my work in the larger context of what my team, organization, or society is working towards can make me a more effective leader. It allows me to align my goals and actions with the broader purpose, ensuring that my efforts contribute to the overall mission rather than focusing solely on individual tasks. By understanding the interdependencies and interconnectedness of the various components in a complex system, I can anticipate potential challenges, collaborate effectively, and make informed decisions.

Reviewing the Blind Men and the Elephant story is relevant in the context of systems leadership and my overall leadership style because it highlights the importance of perspective-taking and understanding the limitations of individual viewpoints. By recognizing that each person contributes a unique perspective and insight, I can appreciate the value of diverse opinions, seek input from different sources, and make more comprehensive and informed decisions.

As a medical professor responsible for evaluating student performance and facilitating their learning, it is essential to reflect on one’s own leadership style, strengths, and areas for growth. By striving to be an effective leader who values collaboration, listens actively, and considers the broader context, I aim to empower and inspire those around me. Continually improving my leadership abilities will contribute to creating a supportive and productive environment for both students and colleagues.

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