CenturyLink (CTL) Iron Mountain (IRM) Ford Motor (F) Kimco Realty


  1. CenturyLink (CTL)
  2. Iron Mountain (IRM)
  3. Ford Motor (F)
  4. Kimco Realty (KIM)
  5. Invesco (IVZ)
  6. AT&T (T)
  7. Macerich Co (MAC)
  8. Seagate Technology (STX)
  9. Navient Corp (NAVI)
  10. Altria (MO)


The case study will be presented in one Microsoft Word and one Microsoft Excel document that includes analysis of the company’s financial statements as well as a series of other questions aimed at testing your knowledge of working capital management and capital budgeting.

Submit your case study in the following format:

1. APA Format.

2. List the company selected for evaluation.

3. Provide in Appendix format the company’s financial statements from 2019. These can be annual or from a particular quarter. If the financials are in PDF version, please review here how to insert PDF documents into Microsoft Word.

4. Each question must be listed in Microsoft Word, followed by the answer. You must also show your calculations.

5. Cash Flow analysis and financial statement analysis must be provided in Microsoft Excel format with commentary provided in the Microsoft Word document.

Template for Deliverable One – Financial Statement Analysis

For Deliverable 1: – Financial Statement Analysis, the following topic(s) in Mastery Preparation will help you:

· Topic 1: Goal of the Firm, Agency Problem, and Ethics

· Topic 2: Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

Answer the questions below in order. List the question then provide the answer. Save this file to your computer and fill in the answers. You MUST show ALL calculations to demonstrate competency. (You do not have to show formulas but will need to show the numbers you used to get your answers.)

1. List your company name and the ticker symbol it is traded under.

2. Briefly describe this company. What market is it in? What products does it produce, and most importantly, who are its major competitors?

3. Locate the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for your company. Do the same for one of its competitors. A copy of these statements must be included in your final project.

4. There are three parts to this task: 

a. Perform a ratio analysis for these two companies, using the ratios listed below and the following template.                                                                                                                                                                 






Current Ratio





b.  https://brightspace.indwes.edu/content/enforced/160881-4WI2021FIN-310-05BCB/PastedImage_tr1hsc6k4ef3gifuzr5dl8fcx2f8eu4s00120193892.png?_&d2lSessionVal=IZyTVUoDeVI5xlGYGpGX5CTu9&ou=160881 

c. Produce a Common-size balance sheet and income statement for your company and its competitor.

d. Discuss any major differences in what you see in the various ratios between one company and another. More importantly, discuss what might be the cause of these differences.

Would you like feedback on this deliverable?

Use the link below to access the optional submission folder to receive feedback from your instructor. This optional submission is for feedback only. You will not be evaluated and a rubric will not be filled out. The rubric is attached as reference only.

You may submit this deliverable for initial feedback. Faculty will review your work using a scoring guide that reflects competency levels required in the workplace and will provide you with substantive feedback and suggestions for how to improve if needed. It is good practice to review both the evaluation checklist and the scoring guide as you prepare your deliverable.  

NOTE: Submit to the optional submission page for initial feedback only. You must go through Stage 1 and Stage 2 submissions to be evaluated for course credit. See the Mastery Project Overview.

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