Case study: A publicly traded home builder has hired you


Case study: A publicly traded home builder has hired you to install a new wireless network. The company currently has a wireless network that is a few years old. The problem with the current wireless network is that it was built using proprietary standards instead of 802.11. This current wireless network does not have an upgrade path to 802.11.

On the new wireless network, the corporate office wants a system that allows construction workers to enter progress reports into the system in order to stay up-to-date with all the different community building sites. Each community has a model home that will need Wi-Fi to connect back to the corporate office in order to enter these reports. The construction workers will be using iPads to enter the information. The company currently has 32 sites across the country that will need Wi-Fi. 

In each of these sites, there will be two sales employees that will need to have Wireless IP Phones so that customers can get in touch with them easily. The sales employees will also have laptops, as well as two sales kiosks that allow customers to browse the different options to choose from for their new home build. The kiosks will connect to the Internet, and when the customer chooses their options, the information will be entered into a database. Once the customer chooses the options they want, the sales person will pull up the report on their laptops to print for the construction workers.   

Section one

Assignment Overview

Now that you have started to design a wireless network for your assigned institution, the requirements for the wireless network will be considered in the form of a Network Needs Analysis. 

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Directions: Refer back to the Design Document and complete the information in the “Network Needs Analysis” portion of the document. Consider the following when completing the “Network Needs Analysis” section:

Types of applications/services that will be used on the wireless network

Number of users the wireless network will have to support

Speed requirements for the wireless network

Estimate the load on the wireless network

Remember to address the needs of your assigned business setting when considering the requirements of the wireless network. While most businesses typically have the same setup, each individual institution has to be concerned about specific privacy issues, reliability, and security threats. Therefore, some additional research may need to be conducted for your assigned business.

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  Section two

Assignment Overview

When installing a wireless network, there are many components to consider, such as access points’ routing, switching, and effects on their OSI model. In this assignment, students will explore the different elements that need to be taken into consideration before installing wireless access points. 


Directions: Write a report (1–2 pages) to the company administration that explains how the design of the wireless network will help to avoid congestion on the network, as well as what components that need to be considered when installing access points. Consider the following when preparing this assignment: 

1. The area in which the site is located may interfere with the wireless signal.

2. IP wireless phones must always be in service.

a. Explain how routing, switching, and the physical /transport layers are relevant to wireless IP phones.

3. Construction workers and sales team members always need the up-to-date information in the system (i.e., the options that the customer chooses have to be correct).

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