By this point in the course you should have started


By this point in the course you should have started to locate your data for the researc pape and started to read and take notes. It is during this process you need to assess a few items before you begin the outlining and drafting part of the project. Based on your researc, answer the following questions AND be sure to provide follow up for your peers:

·        How has your thinking changed based on the research? What have you learned?

·        Was your working thesis on target? Do you need to rework the thesis based on what you have learned?

·        How does the information in your sources mesh with the research question and help answer those questions? Have any additional important questions or subtopics come up that you will need to address in the pape?

·        How do your sources complement each other? Do ideas or facts recur in multiple sources?

·        Where do your sources disagree with each other, and why?

The thesis is attached document: 


Effects of COVID-19 and isolation on university students and academic staff.

The emergency of the global health crisis due to coronavirus prompted the shutdown of academic institutions across the world. In quest of mitigating the spread of the pandemic, economies issued various measures to ensure the safety of their citizens. Isolation was one of the measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus; however, the measure significantly impacted the students and academic staff members in American universities and the world in general. Higher Education Institutions required schools, educators, and students to adapt to online learning due to the isolation. 

Thesis statement: Social interaction is an essential aspect of humanity’s life, therefore, COVID-19 and isolation have significantly impacted university students and the academic staff.

Keywords: COVID-19 AND isolation AND university students OR academic staff.

Word document: 

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