BRIEF: This unit enables students to evaluate and analyse the functions


This unit enables students to evaluate and analyse the functions and make-up of operations management, the ways in which operations can be optimised, and the key challenges operations managers face in the modern economy. Digital operations and project management aims to ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible. As organisations face variability and uncertainties, managers need to be able to respond to those challenges with effective processes and structures. Operations management provides another opportunity to foster and deliver unique competitive advantage. This provides another key place for competition in the marketplace. 

You may frame your reflection through the following two options. 

1. A personal incident or experience relevant to the subject you are studying. 

2. A recent incident or event reported on in the media relevant to the subject you are studying. 

Use concepts and/or theories contained within the subject as lenses to frame your analysis and, based on your insights, draw conclusions and make recommendation for contemporary management practice and/or your own growth and development within a Data and Cyber Management context.



2000 words (10% allowable either way) 


Requirements Includes journals, papers and books sourced from the library or other university resources, APA or Chicago Author Date referencing system, Journal Articles; one (1) academic or research reference per 200 words.  


You may want to use the following structure to format your Subject Reflection. 

• Introduction 

• Discussion 

• Conclusions and recommendations 

• References* 

*excluded from word count 

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