Both the theme and the technological infrastructure to carry out


Both the theme and the technological infrastructure to carry out the theme are important concepts and tools that the event planner must understand to be successful. The theme ties together the disparate aspects of the event production using the overall vision for the event. The event production includes the lighting, the audiovisual technology, and other means of communicating the intent of the client.

Topic: Event Theme, Lighting, and Technology

A well-thought-out and planned theme is essential to an event, so much so that it establishes the expectations of the audience, builds excitement, and heightens anticipation. Event planners use themes to connect the audience to the experience. Theme development begins with the purpose of the event and the client’s expected outcome. These can be intertwined with the invitations, food, and site to meet the needs and objectives of the event.

You practiced with theme concepts in the learning activity. Now you will apply your understanding of these concepts and creative thinking to a scenario in preparation for the assignment.

Scenario: Given the following information, respond to the questions below the scenario.

The association’s goal is to educate their members on professional conduct and practices.

The theme is “Magnifying Professionalism.” The theme is meant to allow professionals to see themselves professionally, the way others do.

Theme development: The entrance to the training section of the venue will have an oversized magnifying glass, which attendees will walk through to enter the training room.

  • How else could you envision this theme playing out? Be creative!
  • How will this theme relate to the corporate goal?
  • What technology will be involved in carrying out the theme? Explain.
  • How will the theme impact the lighting for the event?
  • How do your suggestions apply Pine and Gilmore’s (1999) theme principles as seen in your learning activity?

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