Assignment: Personal Reflection on Decision Making: Prepare a PPT presentation

Assignment:  Personal Reflection on Decision Making:  Prepare a PPT presentation to submit this assignment.

Reflect on how you have made decisions in the past.  We recognize that decisions are never made alone as they are always influenced by other things.  Consider who influences you, or has influenced you.  Why have they been an influence and how?  Consider how/why your decision-making style has changed over the years.

Go to the article in the course readings called Making Decisions.   Review pages 1 – 12.  Identify the decision-making model that best describes your decision-making process.  Why and how do you relate to it.  Give an example of a decision you have made using that model. 

Personal Reflection on Decision Making:  Prepared as a PPT

Goal:  to become familiar with the types of decisions commonly made within organizational contexts

Purpose:  To reflect on pages 1 – 12 of Making Decision, Bauer, and Erdogen and identify which type of decision you most often use

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